Saturday, May 22, 2010

Review: The Turning by Helen Ellis

I have to admit that I wasn't so sure I was going like The Turning because I am not very fond of cats. When I first glanced at the book, I thought that the cover was beautiful. I was intrigued by the girl's eyes. It was clever how they put one eye as human and one as cat. Anyway, enough about the cover. Now lets talk about the story behind it.

Mary Richards is an adopted teen who lives in Manhattan with her adopted sister Octavia. Mary is just someone who wants to fit in but can't because of a bully at her school named Ling Ling. Strange things start happening to Mary whenever she touches a cat or even gets close to one. Pretty soon after Mary touches a cat that jumps into her bathroom, she starts to grow fur. Within a matter of days it is time for Mary to make her first full transformation into a cat. She is not alone though, she has new friends that are just like her. Her new life doesn't come without difficulties though.

The Turning is a lovely tale. Its a perfect short read for anyone who is looking for a little fun, adventure, and dare I say it, cat fights.